Workshop on “Introduction to Game Design and Game Development” by “FAITH Studio” & “UIUCCL”

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Introduction to Game Design and Game Development” workshop is organized by the “UIUCCL” (United International University Computer Club) and “FAITH Studio” in a vision to motivate the freshers of different university among the nation (DIU,BRAC,BUET,UIU). Here, in 2 days workshop, we tried to teach them how to

  • Creating/Managing Team.
  • Game Design.
  • How to track down team progress by using proper “Project Management Tool”.
  • How to develop the game by using proper game engine (Unity,Unreal).
  • How to test and evaluate the game.
  • How to market your game.
  • Write down the “High Concept Document”.
  • Presentation about their game idea based on the HCD.
  • Peer review from the other team and mentor.
  • Awarding the best game idea by showing the prototype of their game in #Unity.
  • Giving them an overview of “Unity” (Game Engine) interface and making their first project in game development.

To get the slide,please click on the given link.

High Concept Document: In this document, we can get a complete picture of the game by providing

  • Game name.
  • Game Type.
  • Platform.
  • Targeted Audience.
  • Game Story.
  • Game Objective.
  • Game Mechanics.
  • Game Level/Stages.
  • Character Prototype ( Digital/ Non-Digital).
  • How you want to market it.
  • How you are planning to generate revenue.

To get the template of HCD,please click on the given link.

Hands on Training over “Unity Engine”:

On the 2nd day,we tried to teach them

  • Installing Unity.
  • Overview over the interface.
  • Understanding the difference between 2D/3D game modes.
  • Understanding Transform,Rigidbody and Collider.
  • Introduction on C# and how it works for unity.
  • Writing down the “PlayerController” script for player movement.

I would also like to thanks team “Open Mind Studio” from “BRAC University” for their amazing idea they have given through the “High Concept Document”. The game project can be found out to the given link,which can be open bu the “Unity Editor”.

Here are some of the screenshot of the game:

Finally, I would like to thank to our beloved professor “Dr. Swakkher Shatabda” sir and brother “Mohammad Ali” for his excellent support to make the event successful. we really couldn’t have make the event succesfull  without their sincere,love and support.


Thank you once again for joining the event

Dr. Swakkher Shatabda .

Dr. Swakkher Shatabda .

Asst Professor at United International University

Dr. Shatabda is Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Program Co-ordinator of Computer Science and Engineering Department.

Mohammad Ali

Mohammad Ali

President of UIUCCL (United International University Computer Club)

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