Understanding “Vector” in Unity

Definition:  In unity, Vector is the data type where you can do all types of vector calculation (Dot product, Cross product, Normalize, Projection, Magnitude) and other unity given function such as “Distance” & “MoveTowards” etc. As the “Distance” and “MoveTowards” are highly used in our “Game Development” process. We will try to describe as much as possible down below.


  • Distance: It calculate the distance between 2 vector point. We usually use it for detection or creating a sensor like a game object will react when the user comes to a certain point.

Parameter:         Vector2.Distance(Vector2.position, Vector2.position)

Vector3.Distance(Vector3.position, Vector3.position).


Vector (1)

Here, the “Mine” will be explode when the distance between the “Player” & “Mine” will be less than or equal to “3.14”. As the “Player” is at “5.14” distance, so the “Mine” is not exploding. We can see the following script for more detail.

  • MoveTowards: It basically moves the current position of the game object to the targeted position based on the velocity that has been assigned in the “MoveTowards” function parameter.


Vector2.MoveTowards(Vector2.position (Current), Vector2.position (Target), Velocity).

Vector3.MoveTowards(Vector3.position (Current), Vector3.position (Target), Velocity).


Problem: Let us consider that we have a homing missile that chases the player. If the player is within its range, It will start chasing the player. Let’s see the following script reference.



# The reference of the documents are taken from the “Unity – Documentation”.

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