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Understanding “Vector” in Unity

| Unity3D | No Comments

Definition:  In unity, Vector is the data type where you can do all types of vector calculation (Dot product, Cross product, Normalize, Projection, Magnitude) and other unity given function such…

Understanding “Sprite Renderer” Component

| Unity3D | No Comments

Definition: “Sprite Renderer” component is responsible for rendering Image/Sprites in 2D/3D game mode. Let us consider you want to add a simple background to you level. All you have to…

Understanding “.unityPackage”

| Unity3D | No Comments

Definition: Unity package is nothing but “.zip” format for the unity where you can directly “zip” and “unzip” your following game asset from the editor. Let us consider the fact…

Understanding “Tag” in “Unity”

| Unity3D | No Comments

Definition: Tag is basically grouping the different types of game object by assigning them with a name. For example, let us consider that there are 2 types of enemies such…


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One of the best freelancers I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Professional, trustworthy and immensely talented. Every task was completed to a good standard and I could not recommend Tashfique enough.

Hamza MalikCEO, Regent Branding

Great experience working with Bari. Friendly and frank in nature. Straightforward about the work. Let me have any number of modifications. Delivered the project first hand very good. Open for discussion. Will look in future for his freelancing too.

Tarun Sing